Technology Used in Smart Home

Have you ever seen a science fiction movie in which the entire home can be controlled by a single button? This is an example of a smart home application that has lately gained popularity.

Although many nations are currently in the adjustment phase, this approach may become more widely employed in the next years.

What Exactly Is A Smart Home?

A smart home, also known as utilizing a smart home, is a pattern in which everything in the house is connected to a complex technology system.

As a result, all components may be operated using a smartphone or a computer. Whether it’s the lighting system, the security system, or culinary issues in the kitchen.

This approach is commonly employed in developing nations such as Japan and America and has been shown to help well to minimize the amount of time used to clean the house. Furthermore, smart houses are frequently employed to strengthen the security of homes that can be easily monitored remotely. In general, the chip serves as the core of the homeowner’s system when using this technology.

Meanwhile, Smart Home Indonesia has only just begun to be pushed by many parties, and it is still in the process of adapting to the community’s lifestyle.

Technology for Smart Homes

Many technologies in the fast development era are available to implement the smart home idea, so when you’re ready to utilize it, just pick the one that best meets your demands and the conditions of your home. Platforms like Google Smart Home have also created a variety of supporting technologies for their usage.

Smart Security (August Smart Pro)

It is a home security solution that addresses the matter of locking and unlocking all doors. You may link it with your smartphone so that when you leave the house, all you have to do is lock the door from where your phone came. So, there will be no issues if the home key is misplaced or if you forget to lock the house while at work.

Smart Mirror

The design is similar to mirror glass, but it represents smart glass that can be utilized for a variety of purposes throughout the house. range from creating short notes saved in memory to control the music and lighting settings Furthermore, this computer-based technology may be used to do online searches.

Infrared Remote Control

This technology allows you to utilize a single remote to control all of your home’s electrical equipment. For example, if you want to turn on hot water when you get home from work, simply set it on your cellphone when you get home, and you won’t have to wait long to clean up.

Alternatively, if you want your home to be cool when you return from your activities, just take the remote and turn the air conditioner on and set it at the desired temperature. So, as you walk in the door, you can smell the fresh air without having to seek for the remote, switch on the air conditioner, and wait.

Motion Sensor

It may be used to regulate the life of your house and turn off the lights without the inconvenience of using a switch. A smart light switch allows users to program when the lights should turn on and off automatically. It also serves as a controller for remote lighting operations.

Intelligent Refrigerator

There are already several refrigerator manufacturers who provide these machines connected with personal computers for a variety of applications. Similar to Samsung, it has a computer feature on the front that can be used to record groceries or view movies while cooking in the kitchen.

How Does a Smart Home Work?

In general, the formation of a basic Smart Home is supported by a simple method of an operation via a single transmitter that serves as the control center. The transmitter’s origin is regulated by a variety of complex electronics in your home. Each electronic sense will have its chip that will function as a sensor and be controlled by a digital remote.

You may synchronize this remote with a mobile device or laptop, allowing you to oversee and manage more effectively no matter where you are. There’s no reason to leave the workplace simply because you forgot to switch off the stove or the air conditioner in the bedroom.

This auxiliary gadget is not prohibitively expensive; you may select one that works within your present budget. because many manufacturers offer low-cost items of high quality.

The Best Practices for Bulk QR Code

The digital age has brought many changes in life. One of the most obvious impacts is related to online business. Where today everything is run in an easy and practical online way.

In online business, it is not limited to promotion through social media or websites. However, it has penetrated other parts ranging from technology-based service systems to payment methods used without cash. This makes the world less and less bounded by each other.

One of the things that can be seen in online business is related to QR codes. This code allows everything to be done easily. Customers only need to scan once to connect with everything you serve.

Get To Know the QR Code, A New System That Makes It Easier for Business

QR code stands for Quick Response Code. This code consists of a collection of black and white pixels stored in small squares. It is specific where one code is only used to link to one website link.

This QR Code can store various kinds of data as needed. Starting from the food menu, a list of products that are currently being promoted, to connecting directly to the payment system. Where when the image is scanned the customer will be automatically redirected to the website link in question by the seller.

Scanning the QR Code can use a special application that can now be enjoyed on gadgets. In addition, there is a gadget that brings a menu in the form of a QR code scan without having to use an application. So that the QR Code becomes so easy to be accessed by anyone without exception.

Types Of QR Code

QR Code has various types that can be used according to needs. However, in general, two types are most often used, namely static QR codes and dynamic QR codes. The following is a description of the types of QR Codes that are commonly encountered:

  • Static QR Code

The first type of QR Code is the static type. By its name, type it is permanent, which means that it cannot be changed. Usually, this type is used to display the latest product catalogs in online stores or to make payments. This QR Code does not allow changes to be made, so if you want to make changes you have to create a new code again.

  • Dynamic QR Code

The second type is a dynamic QR Code. As the name implies, this type can be changed or updated as needed. This type is suitable for storing links to an online store website or social media.

When using this type, you can simply update the URL if you want to make changes. Currently, most business actors prefer this type because it is flexible in its use. So, it is enough to make one time can be used for various needs.

How to make a QR Code easily

If all this time you thought creating a QR Code was a difficult thing, you are certainly wrong. Because the manufacturing process is so easy and does not take your time. Here’s an easy way to create a QR Code for business:

  • Choose QR Code Generator

Currently, there are various choices of QR Code generators ranging from free to paid. Each type of QR Code has its advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is that every QR Code that is created must be able to be read by a scanner.

Currently, there are types of QR Codes that you can try starting from visualized QR Code stuff, QR Code generator, QR Code monkey, and You can choose which type best suits your business needs.

  • Choosing Promotional Content

The next way, after determining to use the QR Code type, then you can immediately choose the type of content that will be entered into the QR Code. In the QR Code generator feature, there are more than 10 types of contests that can be entered. Starting from the usual URL, VCard, email, WIFI, pdf files, to images.

  • Entering Data into The Form

After determining the type of content to be used, then you need to add a caption that contains information related to the content. For example, if you choose content in the form of email, then you need to fill in data such as email address, subject, and also the message to be sent. Simply complete the requested information then the QR Code will be immediately usable.

  • Set Display

After filling in the data, you can immediately choose how the QR Code will appear. You can click the frame menu to set how to frame the QR Code. In addition, the data is also adjusted regarding the colour of the coded shape in the frame using the shape & colour menu. If you want to display a company logo, you can also add a logo menu.

  • Download QR Code

After getting the desired QR Code form, then you just need to download the QR Code. The download options also vary from JPG to vector. So, it can be adjusted to what you need.

Change QR Code Dynamic

The method above is used to create a static QR Code. Where after finalizing then you cannot make changes to data or information. If you need a QR Code that can be changed then the dynamic type is the right choice. The method is also not much different from making a simple static QR Code.

The trick is to create a QR Code using the steps above. If you have, then you can click the pencil icon which is located under the download menu. Just add the type of information you want to add. When finished, the QR Code can be downloaded according to your needs.

The advantage of using this dynamic QR Code is that you can monitor how effective the QR Code you have created is in reaching customers. You can find out how many people have used the QR Code that you created and have visited your selling website. The display of the data can also be changed and arranged according to our wishes by using the detail menu.

QR Code does bring many positive impacts on business. One of them is to increase sales transactions. The reason is, that buyers don’t need much time to reach your selling website. In addition, the QR Code will also help customers find discounted products faster.

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence in Business

The development of technological sophistication is currently so rapid. This can be indicated by the use of technology in all fields, including running a business. The use of technology for business is believed to be able to increase business efficiency and productivity.

One of the most significant innovations in the world of technology is the use of Artificial Intelligence in the business sector. Artificial Intelligence or commonly known as human-made intelligence is believed to be able to provide a myriad of benefits and facilitate human work. It’s no wonder then that many companies have turned to advanced technologies that have emerged since 2021.

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence in Running a Business

Artificial Intelligence or commonly abbreviated as AI is believed to be able to make all kinds of complex tasks easy. The emergence of this technology is slowly replacing the use of human technology in various sectors. The reason is, that AI is believed to be able to work quickly and does not require rest time.

Moreover, many businesses that have sprung up in the digital era are online-based. So do not be surprised if AI is used in various sectors. AI can provide a variety of benefits to businesses, here’s a review:

  • Analyze Data

Analyzing data is a job that is considered difficult for humans. The reason is, that the data presented is not just ordinary data but thousands or even millions of data. Where the human system takes a long time to do this.

However, AI equipped with advanced technology can complete any amount of data in a short time. The reason is, that AI will work on the data provided using an algorithm-based approach. So that the work produced is very fast, precise, and integrated.

As a simple example, AI will collect various kinds of data needed for corporate decision-making. The data is very complete taken from various sources. So, the company will get a complete perspective in making decisions.

  • Bringing Business to Go Digital

There is no question if Artificial Intelligence does work using digital concepts. The use of AI in companies will slowly create a digital transformation. This term is used to describe a radical change from everything conventional to technology-based.

Digital transformation is believed to be able to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of a company. Not only that, but digital transformation is also able to make companies exist by providing maximum service to consumers. The reason is, that everything will be run quickly and integrated between companies.

  • Help Improve Business Efficiency

Technology always brings big changes in human life. Many assume that AI can reduce the number of jobs. However, it turns out that the use of AI on the other hand can help find new job openings.

The use of AI will cut a company’s costs for things that are not important. Instead, the company will focus on something more important and capable of producing a large effect. This is where the company will look for new talents or new job vacancies to support the company’s goals.

AI that can make complex things easy can help companies simplify the structure and strategy of the company’s wheels. Companies no longer spend their resources on trivial things that can be done by AI. In contrast, the company is quite focused on providing services to increase customer satisfaction.

  • 24 Hours Non-Stop Service

One of the advantages of using AI when compared to human labor is 24-hour non-stop service. AI can be employed at any time to improve customer satisfaction. In this case, AI will back up jobs that cannot be done by humans for 24 hours.

If using humans, the company would need 3 employees to take turns taking care of one day. Imagine how many employees the company needs. But by leveraging AI, companies only need to pay a one-time fee to be able to use it non-stop.

  • Increase Sales of Products and Services

AI can be used for sales optimization. This is done using an advertising system mechanism. Where AI can increase the number of customers and expand the business market so easily. This can be done with an optimization system through Google Ads Express and other systems to make ads more targeted to consumers.

The help of AI will make the ad very close and relate to the intended target market. So that prospective buyers will have an attachment to the product being sold. In addition, attractive advertisements can also increase consumer loyalty to the company’s products or services which has an impact on increasing sales.

  • Easy Keyword Search

One of the benefits of using AI which is widely used today is to help search keywords. With the help of AI, companies will get data about what potential buyers need and want. So, the company can focus on producing products according to customer needs.

  • Closer To Potential Buyers

The company’s target is to find as many clients as possible to use the services or products offered. The more buyers, the more sales will have an impact on profits. With AI technology, it is very easy to attract customers who match the target market.

This is because AI can know about the lifestyle, behavior, preferences, tastes, and desires of potential buyers. This will be processed by AI in the form of data and conclusions about what the buyers need. So that companies can create products according to the products desired by buyers.

  • Correcting Data or Documents Accurately

Sophisticated AI can not only provide data on consumer behavior. However, AI can also correct errors that exist in data or a document. Furthermore, AI will carry out analysis and improvements to create a much better system.

A simple example if there is a document in which there is a writing error or data, then the AI ​​system will immediately detect it. Next will be an overall improvement by the AI ​​with something right. This is certainly very useful for detecting errors in big data or an application.

Business competition is getting tougher day by day in various aspects. So, the help of AI is so important in its role to develop the business. Missing a strategy or trick that is used once can have a bad effect on business continuity.

Reason Why You Need Managed Service Providers

The sophistication of technology brings changes on a large scale. Especially in the business field where almost all business is carried out using an information technology-based approach. No wonder all companies are now competing in the field of technology and information to attract the consumers they are targeting.

This information technology shift can be seen in the use of all thing’s technology in the company. Starting from the use of cloud computing to data analysis to solve a problem. This approach is considered the most appropriate to the existing conditions and can answer what is needed by the world.

Use Of Managed Service Providers in Companies

Once the importance of information technology systems today makes companies do various ways to be able to move forward. One of them is using IT infrastructure both physical and virtual. For this reason, there are many needs for managed service providers in every company at this time.

Managed service providers themselves can be interpreted as third parties who are given the responsibility by a company to be able to manage a company’s IT system. The work system does not need to always be in the office. Because this work can be done remotely.

The services provided by this company are very diverse, ranging from software or hardware management services, as well as business optimization with an IT approach. The presence of this service will make the company focus on the other side of business development. Because everything related to IT is already held by this third party.

Benefits Of Using Managed Service Providers

Managed service providers, which are now quite popular among IT businesses, certainly have a significant impact on the business atmosphere. This has been felt by many companies. The following are the benefits that can be felt by using managed service providers:

  • Affordable Maintenance Cost

The advantage of using managed service providers is of course in terms of the costs that are currently incurred by the company. Although companies have to spend money to hire managed service providers, in terms of calculation, it is more efficient than recruiting specialized IT employees. The reason is, that the company no longer needs to provide special costs for repairs to employee training.

Managed service providers are proven to have trained skills and valuable experience. So ready to jump in to help solve company problems. If by chance your company is a small-scale company, then managed service providers are the solution to every problem that has been complained about so far. Where can cut operating costs massively within your company?

  • Maximum Service

The use of experienced managed service providers can have a positive impact on the company’s image. The reason is, that every customer or company stakeholder will feel the satisfaction of being able to use your company’s services. So that it will improve services within the company.

Managed service providers have a scalable work system that has been implemented in several companies. So that they can analyze the location of the imperfections of a project that will continue to be improved. This service also allows for periodic checks.

  • Guaranteed Data Security

When using managed service providers, companies do not need to be afraid of having their data stolen and leaked to irresponsible parties. They are equipped with a double security system that can maintain the confidentiality of company data. So that the security of the company’s important data is guaranteed.

  • Get To Know the Latest Developments

Managed service providers are services consisting of a collection of IT technology literate people. Where they will always improve the company’s scalability and capabilities. One of them is by conducting employee training, updating the latest information, to sharing experiences among its members.

The use of this service will allow companies to update services without incurring additional costs. With this, the company can get big profits while still reducing expenses. managed service providers will also inform you when there is an update in the IT field that will affect your company.

  • Increase Business Focus

Another advantage of using managed service providers can make companies focus on increasing business. Where the resources owned are more focused on the things that make the company grow. So that it can help the company to achieve the aspired target.

Currently, many companies have used the services of managed service providers with many benefits. There is nothing wrong with using a third party who can help the progress of the company. So that your employees can be more focused on other things that support the company’s success

8 Things to Do to Look Good

Look Beautiful, is the desire of most women. It’s no wonder that women go to great lengths to do everything to make themselves look beautiful. Starting from body care, and facial care, to treatment at a doctor that requires a lot of money.

The true definition of beautiful is not only a matter of physicality. It’s just that people’s perceptions seem to have shifted that beauty is closely related to the physical. Even at the mention of beautiful words, the mind will fly to the definition of a white woman, tall, slender, with straight hair.

Radiate Your Beautiful Aura from Within

Beauty cannot be interpreted as something that appears physically only. More than that, beauty is a real combination of mental, moral, and personality, to one’s character. From now on, bro, the definition of beautiful is only from a physical point of view.

Start focusing on hidden beauty values. Beauty can also be interpreted in terms of body health when compared to the definition of beauty which is only subjective. Several tips can be done to make it look beautiful inside and out, here are the reviews:

  1. Highlight Non-Physical Beauty

The first way to look beautiful in every situation is to display intangible beauty. Physical beauty can disappear with age, but non-physical beauty can last forever. Non-physical beauty comes from within each person which can be explored by knowing oneself.

You can do this by highlighting your qualities, improving your attitudes and behavior, and improving the way you communicate with others. This method will make social relations with other people better. So that by itself the view of the world towards the definition of beautiful can be slowly shifted.

  1. Always Smile

Smiling is one way to highlight the beauty in a person. A sincere smile will make people who see it happy, and spread a happy aura in the surrounding environment. As humans, we are happy when other people smile.

Besides being able to make others happy, a sincere smile can also increase the happiness of the heart and bring peace of mind. This happy and good mood will exude true beauty when in front of many people. In addition, a smile is also believed to make you more youthful.

  1. Stay Away from Negative Thoughts

Beauty can also be emitted from a calm heart and mind. The reason is that an unsettled heart and mind can have a bad effect on health. The reason is that when stressed the body will issue a response in the form of increased levels of the hormone cortisol. This hormone will affect the collagen content in the skin.

The more cortisol hormone, the more collagen levels in the skin will decrease. This is what makes the skin will be easily wrinkled. So, make sure you are always happy at any moment to show your inner beauty.

  1. Spend A Lot of Time with Loved Ones

The notion of not being beautiful, fat, and having dark skin is an assumption in a person that arises because of comparing themselves with others. That’s when humans need communication and deep talk with loved ones. Where there are still many dear people who can accept what is regardless of physical beauty.

  1. Reduce The Use of Cosmetics

Cosmetics are one way to make the skin shinier. However, its continuous use is not good for skin health. The skin cannot be given continuous active ingredients every day.

Do the proper use of cosmetics that are tailored to your needs. This aims to give your skin some time to breathe. So that the skin can be more beautiful and natural by itself.

  1. Maintain Body Health

Many people think that beauty is everything. It turns out that beauty is not everything. Above the standard of beauty, there is health that is more important on it, because it will be useless to be beautiful if the body is not healthy.

Always prioritize your health, not just your appearance. Do exercise regularly and diet with the aim of health not just to get the ideal body. By being oriented toward health, beauty will follow behind, so there is no need to bother preparing for beauty.

  1. Enough Rest

The use of cosmetics alone has not been able to produce beautiful and shiny skin. The reason is, that if it is not balanced with adequate rest, the skin will look tired, and dull, and will even wrinkle easily prematurely. This relates to the levels of the hormone cortisol in the body which will reduce the levels of collagen in the skin.

  1. Drink Enough Water

Water is not only able to provide benefits for health, but also beauty. Because dehydration can make the skin dull, not tight, and easily wrinkled. In addition, it turns out that lack of drinking can make eye bags lose, look black, and show tired skin.

Meet and fulfill daily water needs to make skin look healthy and radiant. Drink at least 2 liters every day to prevent dehydration. This figure can be different for each age range and the type of activity carried out.

Benefits Of Cryotherapy for Common People

The rapid development of the world does not only occur in the world of technology alone. This development has also penetrated the world of healing therapy for the disease. One of them is Cryotherapy.

For some people, Cryotherapy is a type of therapy that is strange and unfamiliar to the ear. However, this type of treatment has been known for a long time and is believed to be able to cure several types of diseases in the body. No wonder if along with the development of time this type of therapy is increasingly favored by people.

Get To Know Cryotherapy with Its Million Benefits

Cryotherapy is a method of therapy that is carried out by exposure to very low temperatures for a certain period. The types vary from exposure to cold water, compressing with ice, to soaking body parts in cold air for a certain time.

Many say this therapy can cure several types of diseases in each session. Then, what are the benefits that will be obtained from Cryotherapy therapy? The following reviews the benefits of cold-water therapy for the human body:

  • Reduce Migraine Symptoms

Migraine is a type of health disorder that can be very painful for the sufferer. It turns out that giving Cryotherapy can help relieve migraine symptoms. The reason is, that this therapy can help cool the nerves around the neck that cause migraines.

Many studies have also proven the benefits provided by Cryotherapy. It is said that compressing the carotid artery in the neck with an ice cube can directly relax the nerves that cause migraines. So that it can reduce pain in migraine sufferers.

  • Reduces Irritation to Nerves

Not only is it able to conquer the nerves that cause migraines but it also, turns out that cold water can heal the nerves that are affected by irritation. Not only that but this therapy can also be used for the treatment of injured and numb nerves. No wonder many use the ice cube compress method in the sports arena to treat injuries to athletes.

  • Improve One’s Mood

Temperatures that are so cold throughout the body can produce physiological hormonal responses in humans. With this, hormones that cause happiness will be released, such as adrenaline, noradrenaline, and endorphins. So that it can produce a feeling of happiness in someone.

The mechanism of Cryotherapy is believed to be able to help people with mood disorders such as depression or anxiety. Where therapy using cold water will help release happy hormones in people with mood disorders. So hopefully the mood can be stable in the long term.

  • Treating Skin Diseases

Not only warm water is believed to cure skin diseases. Cold water is also able to treat some skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis. The reason is with the flow of cold temperatures in the body can release high levels of antioxidants in the blood.

These levels of antioxidants are used to help reduce inflammation in several skin diseases. This therapy can also be used for skin that has acne. Where cold temperatures will work by reducing the levels of oil or sebaceous glands produced.

  • Reduce Rheumatic Pain

Not only is it able to reduce pain in the neck nerves, but it turns out that Cryotherapy is also able to treat muscle pain. The flow of cold temperatures in the body was able to reduce muscle pain and speed up the healing process. So that the pain in the muscles can gradually disappear if you use this therapy consistently.

  • Recovery From Sports

High-intensity exercise can cause stress on the body, metabolism, or even mechanics. If left unchecked, it can reduce muscle performance and cause inflammation, and pain. By giving Cryotherapy it can help speed up healing with the flow of cold temperatures that improve blood circulation.

Cryotherapy Treatment Frequency

The rate of healing resulting from Cryotherapy can be said to depend on the frequency with which it is administered. One disease can take a different time from another. For Example, skin lesions can be treated in one therapy.

This is returned to the type of lesion and condition of a person’s skin. Suppose the patient has larger and thicker lesions, then the therapy should be repeated 3 or 4 times a week. So that the frequency of healing is returned to the condition of each patient.

Tips to Purchase Beauty Products Online

The need for cosmetics is increasing day by day. This is because cosmetics have now become a primary need for women. So do not be surprised if women will not be able to escape from the bondage of cosmetics.

The high need for cosmetics makes business people in the cosmetics sector continue to innovate their products. That said, there are currently a lot of cute and interesting cosmetic categories. The variety offered will not be boring, so it is not surprising that women will always feel lacking in the cosmetics they already have.

Online Shopping, New Breakthrough Easy Cosmetic Shopping

In this digital era, online shopping is the key to all needs, including cosmetics. This will make it easier for women to get the coveted cosmetics. Just click and make a payment, then the dream product will soon come in front of your eyes.

Today’s online stores also provide interesting technology-based features where every woman can choose the type of cosmetics according to her skin condition. It’s no wonder that online stores are becoming more and more popular. However, it turns out that there are several things that women should pay attention to before buying cosmetics online, here are the reviews:

  • Determine The Type of Cosmetic Product

As is known today, there are many categories and cosmetic preparations. When going to buy, it would be better to determine in advance what type of product is needed. Starting from skincare, haircare, lip care, bath, and body care, to intimate hygiene.

Different types of categories will affect the stores you visit. Considering that not all stores have completed cosmetic products. Determining from the beginning the type of product to be purchased, will help you in saving time for shopping.

  • Read In-Depth Product Reviews

If you already have a choice of products to buy, then don’t click and pay right away. Do a review first about the product in cosmetics. Considering that cosmetics are not random things that can be bought just like that.

Various factors must be considered before buying cosmetics, especially the problem of product suitability. What suits your friend may not necessarily suit your skin type. So, this is where the review function before buying is here so that you find the product that fits your needs.

By reading a review of a product you will also be able to find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of the product. This will make you wiser in buying cosmetics. Of course, knowing the details of cosmetic products can prevent the use of products that are not of high quality.

  • Pay Attention to The Composition of Cosmetics

In addition to reading product reviews, it is important to know how the composition of a cosmetic product. Currently, labels are available in which they make cosmetic compositions. Considering that many cosmetic products sometimes contain harmful prohibited ingredients.

By knowing the composition of cosmetic products, you can save yourself from the use of fake and dangerous cosmetics. Make sure the ingredients in the cosmetic product are ingredients that are intended for cosmetics. Given the many rogue merchants who would normally use prohibited materials to be able to produce instant changes.

In addition to protecting yourself from harmful cosmetic products, reading the composition of cosmetics will save you from the use of allergens. Given that cosmetics may contain ingredients that can trigger allergies in a person. So those of you who have allergies to a certain material can prevent it while not buying.

  • Make Sure the Cosmetics You Choose Are Safe and Reliable

Currently, there are many cases of unsafe illegal distribution of cosmetics. The use of illegal cosmetics can cause various skin health problems which are certainly detrimental to consumers. So, it is important to check whether the product you are after has received official marketing authorization from the regulatory authorities.

Safe cosmetic products will always have a distribution license number given by the regulatory, in this case, the Food and drug administration in each country. Moreover, there are also many ways to check the authenticity of a product with only the distribution permit number. So that it can protect consumers from purchasing cosmetics that are not on target.

  • Always Buy from A Reputable Shop

Crime in cyberspace will always exist. One of them is buying and selling illegal products. So, it is very important to choose a trusted cosmetic store with a good reputation and reviews from consumers.

If necessary, buy a product at the official store. With this, you will get a guarantee of the original product. If the product sent is not suitable, then a complaint can be submitted for a return.

  • Use A Trial Kit

The sophistication of technology seems to have been widely applied by online merchants. Currently, there are lots of technologies to make it easier for consumers to choose cosmetics that suit their skin conditions. You don’t have to shop offline to try a shade or color from cosmetics.

Just put your face on your camera screen, and try each shade of a product. Choose which shade suits your skin the best. It is guaranteed that there will be no drama of wrongly purchasing cosmetic shades.

How to Avoid Worry, Stress and Anxiety

Many people have problems with anxiety, worry, and stress. Feelings of anxiety or stress have in common in draining energy, even to the point of making the sufferer lose enthusiasm for life. Starting from disrupting sleep patterns, reducing appetite, causing headaches, and making the body’s resistance decrease over time, the negative effect is that sufferers will more easily fall ill.

It is not easy to get rid of anxiety, especially the stress that people feel almost every day. However, you still have to find ways to deal with these negative feelings so they don’t get worse and interfere with your activities or even your health.

There are many easy ways to help deal with stress, worry, and anxiety, start by asking for help and support from those around you. In addition, changing your lifestyle is also a powerful way to deal with excessive worry, anxiety, and stress.

Doing Sports or Exercise

Doing exercise is proven as the best way and most effective way you can choose to relieve stress. Regular exercise, will reduce stress hormones in the body in the long term, improve sleep quality, and will feel more confident.

No need to do strenuous exercise; try to take time to do light exercise that can be done anytime and anywhere such as walking, running, or yoga.

Regular exercise can help reduce anxiety, worry, and by releasing endorphins and improving sleep and your body’s self-image.

Take supplements if needed

If needed, you can also take several types of supplements that are good for increased anxiety, worry, and stress reduction; among these supplements are lemon balm, omega-3 fatty acids, green tea, valerian, and kava-kava.

Certain supplements can indeed reduce feelings of anxiety or stress, but some of these supplements can have side effects if taken too often.

Therefore, before deciding to take supplements to reduce anxiety, worry, or stress, you should consult with a more skilled doctor.

Aromatherapy candles

You can use essential oils and lighting aromatherapy candles can also help with anxiety and stress. Currently, there are many types of aromatherapies that you can use. Here are the most recommended scents for a calming effect Rose, Lavender, Vetiver, Roman Chamomile, Bergamot, Neroli, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Orange blossom, Geranium, or Ylang Ylang, and many more.

Several studies have shown that some aroma therapies can reduce anxiety and give you quality sleep. Aromatherapy can help reduce anxiety and stress.

Reduce caffeine consumption

Caffeine is also known as a stimulant. It can be found in tea, coffee, energy drinks, and also chocolate. Consuming too high a dose of caffeine can raise your anxiety.

Everyone has varying sensitivity to consuming caffeine. If you feel caffeine will make you more anxious and worried, you may want to cut back on it to be more relaxed.

Although there are many studies claim that coffee is healthy in moderation, it comes back to the body’s tolerance for it. Because high amounts of caffeine can increase anxiety and stress.

Write anything you want

Another easy way to deal with stress and worry is by writing. You can record what you are grateful for during your life. Gratitude can help with anxiety and stress by focusing on the positive vibes and putting them in your thoughts.

Keeping your journal will help you to relieve anxiety, worry, and stress, and try to focus and keep positive.

Spending time with the closest people

Social support from friends and family is one easy way that can help you get through stressful times. There is a study that said, woman, should spend their time hangout with family, children, and, friends to help them release oxytocin or a natural stress and worry reliever. This is called “tend and befriend,” which is different from the response of fight-or-flight.

Having strong social bonds can help you get through stressful times and lower your risk of excessive anxiety in life.

Try to be happy and laugh

In a state of anxiety and stress, of course, laughing can be the most difficult thing to do. Therefore, you need to be in a social environment that can spread positive energy that can make you laugh easily.

Laughing can relieve and relax the tension of the muscles. It is an assurance that laughter certainly helps you to boost the immune system in your body and also your mood. Find humor in everyday life, spend time with funny friends or you can easily watch comedy shows to help relieve stress.

Take a yoga class

Yoga is very well known at the moment as a method to relieve stress and become an exercise for all ages. Yoga has the goal to gain breath and body awareness.

Overall, studies have found that yoga can improve mood and may even be as effective as antidepressant medications at treating anxiety and stress. In general, the benefits of yoga can help lower stress hormone levels and blood pressure.

Cuddling with lover

Cuddling time by kissing, hugging, or even making love is considered quite effective in helping to overcome stress. The positive touch of hugs, cuddles, kisses, and sex can help reduce stress by releasing oxytocin and lowering blood pressure.

Listening to music

You have to listen to music so you can experience a relaxing effect that you can feel on your body. Music instrumental can make your response relaxed by reducing the pressure of lower blood and the heart rate and also hormones of stress.

There are some types of Celtic; classical, Indian, and Native American music to make you relax. Listening to your favorite type of music will effectively reduce your anxiety and stress.

The sound of nature is also felt to be calming for people with excessive anxiety and stress. That is why nature sounds are often having a relation with relaxation and music for meditation.

3 Ways to Know the Acidity of Water

The pH or Power of Hydrogen is the degree of acidity and alkalinity present in a solution. The pH scale is not permanent, because it is relatively dependent on the pH standard and the concept of pH has existed since ancient times. Søren Peder Lauritz Sørensen is one of the Danish scientists who discovered the science of pH and this concept was first put forward in 1909.

Pure water has a neutral pH and a pH solution of less than seven is acidic, while a solution of more than seven is acidic. Water is one of the solutions that often change its pH degree and there are various ways to measure the pH of water. Water has abundant benefits for the health and survival of living things.

Water can be used to cleanse the body and with clean water, body health can be maintained very well. Maintaining the pH of the water is a very important thing to do and steps to prevent a decrease in the pH of the water can be done in various ways. Decreased water pH can have a major impact on the health of humans and other living things.

Plants that live in the soil will not thrive without water and a high pH level of water will make plant growth better. The pH of Water is the level of acidity and alkalinity water. The pH of the water is always changing, depending on the situation and conditions that occur and the pH of the water must always be maintained properly, it will have a positive effect on the life of all living things. All living things need water to survive and with neutral water conditions, life will run well.

Many factors affect the pH of water, this makes the alkalinity and acidity of the water very important to maintain. The pH of alkaline water has several benefits for the health of the human body such as lowering stomach acid, slowing the growth of cancer cells, good for bone health, and various other benefits.

How to Find Out the pH of Water without Tools

  1. Sense of Taste

The sense of taste is one way that can be used to determine the pH of the water and the tongue is a very simple way. The pH of the water that is felt with the tongue can determine the level of acid and alkalinity in the water. If it tastes sour, it means the water has a high acid level and if the water is rough, it means it has a high alkaline level.

The tongue can detect the pH in water, but this method is ineffective and has a high level of danger because there is much water that has high levels of toxins. This method can be used to determine the pH level of water that is not so dirty and in very dirty water, do not use the sense of taste.

  1. Sense of Touch

The sense of touch can also be used to determine the pH of the water and the hand is the sense of touch that is widely used by humans. Dip your hands in the water and feel the water well. This method is not effective. It is very difficult to determine the level of alkaline or acid in water conditions and this method has been abandoned because it has many shortcomings.

The function of water for the human body is very and water can maintain human health conditions. With healthy water conditions, body health can be well maintained and many things can pollute water conditions.

  1. Sense of Sight

The sense of sight that humans have is the eye and with the eye, humans can feel various existing conditions. By looking at the condition of the water directly, humans can predict the condition of the pH of the water and this method is a very simple way.

Water that has dirty conditions, of course, has risks to human health, and water that has clean conditions, must have a high level of safety for consumption. Now the process of chemical water purification is widely carried out in Indonesia and has a fairly large risk for health because there is a mixture of chemicals that are included in the water.

Tips to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Winter conditions are the cause of a lot of damage to cars, but much of this damage can be avoided with proper care and precautions before the cold weather hits. You can make your car ready for winter without any struggle and difficulties. It’s just simple things like giving fluid to clean your windshield, checking how much pressure is on your car tires, and keeping your gas tank always full.

This step will make you keep calm when you are driving in snow or ice. It also keeps your car in top performance during the winter. If you want to know the information in detail on way to prepare and keep your car to face the winter, please check the following tips.

Change the Wiper

Replace your windshield wipers and wiper air. Poor visibility is very dangerous to drive, especially in winter, so it is important to make sure that your windshield wipers are working properly.

Old rubber is prone to cracking, tearing, or not working at all when dealing with ice deposits on your windshield. You need to check and make sure if the rubber on your wiper is already cracked or broken, you need to take note that the rubber must be replaced at least every six to twelve months. You can also consider buying wiper rubber specifically designed for winter.

Fill the water tank for your windshield with fresh washing-up liquid. Some washing liquids have an astringent to defrost and lower freezing temperatures, making them a great choice for winter.

Check the Tire Pressure

Check the pressure in your tires. Maintaining the correct tire pressure on your vehicle is very important in winter. Flat tires have less bite, making them easy to slip on frozen surfaces.

Keep in mind that tire pressure will affect the temperature drop – in fact, for every 5 degrees Celsius drop in temperature, the air pressure in the tire will decrease by about 1 PSI. When in the winter condition, make sure that you always check your tire conditions accordingly.

A tire gauge can be used to make sure that there is correct pressure in your tires and that it matches the standard of your vehicle. If you don’t understand this, check the inside end of the side of the driver’s door. There should be a sticker on it indicating several things, including suggestions for tire pressure.

If you don’t have a tire gauge, you can usually find one at the gas station. In the gas station, you can fill the tires with enough air. It will not a big money for that, even you can get it for free.

The important thing you must not forget is while checking the tire pressure, please be aware and check whether the tires are already bald or still good to go. If it needs to be replaced, do it before winter comes.

Using Wax

Put some wax on your car before winter comes. Waxed car surfaces resist snow, dirt, and salt better than non-waxed car surfaces. Your car will look more sophisticated and also the paint on your car will get protected by using wax. Wax will be able to give your car a better look and also able to protect the paint of your car to be more sustainable.

Before you use wax, make sure you wash your car first. Don’t forget to wash the underside of your car to remove any remaining grit or salt.

Try to wax your car the moment before the time of first snow falls, maybe you can make it before the temperature reaches the number less than 12 degrees Celsius. This wax will protect the car paint, and also make snow or ice easier to clean.

While you’re waxing, it’s a good idea to clean the “inside” of your car afterward. Get rid of clutter, vacuum your floors and car seats, and use upholstery cleaner if necessary. You may need to replace your car carpet with a waterproof carpet, to protect your car floor from melting ice and snow.

Check the Headlights

Make sure your car headlights are working properly. It is very important and crucial for having a very clear view, especially on nights in winter conditions. You cannot get any incident just because you can see clearly.

It’s important to be able to see clearly, but more importantly, you are clearly “visible”. This is why making sure your car’s headlights are working properly is so important. Ask someone to help you check your entire car’s lights, including headlights, taillights, backup lights, and turn signals also including the hazard lights.

You also need to note that the lights will be a burden on your vehicle’s electrical system in winter. This is because every day will be more often dark. You cannot pass this process and please make sure to always see through this in the process of testing the battery condition before starting the engine.

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